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    Save Money Yearly In Comparison to Average cheap Fresno auto insurance

    The cost of vehicle insurance yearly for residents of Fresno on average is about $2450 which is well above the average of $1585 nationwide. This high cost can be attributed to the large number of people living in the area as well as several other factors. This price is just an average and may vary depending on the person taking out the insurance policy and other factors.

    Factors that Affect Car Insurance Cost in Fresno, CA

    There are plenty of factors that affect the cost of insurance across the country and being well aware of these factors can help drivers save hundreds each year. Though it is impossible to know and understand all the factors that change the cost of auto insurance, there are some that are quite obvious. Location, commute, auto thefts in the area, and level of education are just some of this type of factor.

    • Location– population is one of the hardest hitting factors when it comes to the change in the cost of auto insurance. Areas with lot of people will experience larger premiums each year and those with fewer people will have lower costs overall. The population density of Fresno is about 4754 people in each square mile which is an incredibly high number meaning that there are tons of cars on the road.
    • Driving to Work– commute of both the individual driver and the people that are commuting at the same time can also have an effect on the price of insurance overall. The average commute time in Fresno is about 21.7 minutes which is not too bad considering that the commute in some areas is as long as 45 minutes. The number of fatal accidents per each 100,000 residents each year is about 4.8.
    • Auto Thefts-crime is another factor that can drive up the cost of insurance each year. The number of car thefts in Fresno is about 4780. This number is not as high as some cities but it does affect the overall cost each year for any driver not just those living in areas where crime is more likely.
    • Education– education levels of residents also changes the cost. In Fresno, 30.9% of residents have less than a high school education, 20.2% have at least a high school diploma or equivalent degree, 7.5% have less than one year of college, 15.7% have one year of college or more, 6.7% have a two year degree, 7.1% have at least a 4 year degree, 3.6% have a masters degree, 1.8% have a professional school degree, and 0.7% have a doctorate degree or higher.

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