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    California Car Insurance — Teens, DUIs, and SR-22

    Affordable California auto insurance can be difficult to find for drivers who lack experience, such as teenage drivers. It can also be difficult to get for drivers who have been caught driving dangerously or who have been caught operating a vehicle without insurance coverage. Special types of insurance can be required for teen drivers and for other drivers with special circumstances. We’ll help you find the best car insurance quotes in California.

    California Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

    Teenage drivers have never operated a car before. Being new to such an endeavor can be very exciting, but it also creates inherent dangers. Simply lacking experience increases the risk for accidents. Being distracted by the newness of driving, by friends in the car or a cell phone can also add to the danger. Many states, including California have now turned to Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) programs, with stricter laws and requirements for teen drivers, in order to keep teens safer on the road.

    GDL Law Requirements in California

    Learner’s Permit 15 years and 6 months
    Intermediate License 16 years
    Full Licensure 17
    Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 6 months
    Supervised Practice Driving 50 hours; 10 of them are mandatory night hours
    Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.
    Passenger Restrictions Maximum of 1 passenger under 20 years; exceptions for immediate family
    Cell Phone Use Non-emergency hand-held use prohibited for all drivers; hands-free prohibited for drivers under 18 years of age
    Texting Prohibited for all drivers

    Getting DUI Insurance in California

    As in other states, driving while under the influence of alcohol is a very serious offense in California. For the first offense you will receive between four days and six months of prison time. You will be fined between $390 and $1000. Your license will also be suspended for up to 6 months. Some DUI offenders will have to pay for an ignition interlock device to be installed in their vehicles. All DUI offenders must also successfully complete a Driver Under the Influence Program. An SR-22 is required for restricted license.

    SR-22 Insurance in California

    An SR-22 is a document that some states require be on file at the Department of Motor Vehicles. This document proves that the driver has the minimum liability insurance coverage as required by the state. SR-22 documents are not required for every driver, though they are generally required for certain drivers, such as those with DUI convictions and those who have been caught driving or got into an accident without insurance, to reinstate their driver’s license. In California, an SR-22 must be on file to reinstate a driver’s license.

    Even though some drivers may find it more difficult than others to obtain car insurance, having appropriate vehicle insurance coverage on every vehicle you own is a legal requirement in the state of California. Those with DUI convictions and teen drivers may find it more difficult to qualify for auto insurance in California, and may also pay higher rates. To find the best car insurance quotes California, visit Cheapcaliforniainsurance.net and use our easy quote widget to find best car insurance quotes in California.

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