• Looking for Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Bakersfield, CA?

    In this economy, every drop of savings count, and one of the biggest opportunities for such lies in automobile insurance. A lot of people are paying for expensive policies when low-cost alternatives can equally serve their needs. If you’ve ever wondered where you can find these cheap auto insurance plans in Bakersfield, then look no further. Cheapcaliforniainsurance.net has all the resources to collect quotes for any given area and we’re letting you use it for free.

    Average Car Insurance Quotes in Bakersfield, CA — Save Up to $315 per Year!

    The average Bakersfield resident bears a fairly reasonable yearly premium of $1,948. The range goes as low as $1,047 and swings as high as $2,056 according to the latest quotes from six national carriers. Read the rest of the article for tips on shifting to the lower end of the spectrum.

    Factors that Lead to a Cheap Car Insurance Bakersfield

    Those who want to pay less must convince their provider that they do not have any behaviors or circumstance which can be considered as risky. The most common example would be a clean driving history with no incidents of drunk driving or even traffic violations. Another would be a high credit score which suggests that premium payments will be met responsibly. Other noteworthy factors include:

    • Location — Insurance companies are not happy with mega-cities as the urban chaos creates a number of problems for them like increased incidence of theft and accidents. Bakersfield residents totaled 348,541 as of last count in 2011. With 113 square miles of land, the population density turns out to be 3,082 people per sq mi. This puts the city right in the middle of the pack when compared to others across the country.
    • Driving to Work — Commuting to work is an accepted fat of daily life in the modern world. Some people are fortunate enough to have flexible schedules that allow them to go to the office at convenient times. Others are trapped in a rigid timetable that compels them to get up early in the morning and drive through the appalling traffic. This is not only stressful but also dangerous. In 2009, the number of fatal accidents in Bakersfield went up to 7.1 per 100,000 compared to 5.5 in the entire California. Many of these happened during the morning rush. This forces insurance companies to charge those who drive at this time with a higher premium.
    • Auto Thefts — There were 2,396 cases of car theft in Bakersfield in 2011. This is lower than many cities but it should still make it abundantly clear that owners need to be careful to avoid being victimized. It would be wise to install sensors that can detect intrusion and locks that would deter entry. People who invest in these gadgets can get discounts from their insurance providers.
    • Education — Out of the Bakersfield population, 12.9% have bachelor’s degrees while 23.4% have high school diplomas. In comparison, the rates for the state are 17.1% and 20.1%, respectively. Unknown to many, being a college graduate can be a ticket to insurance rate cuts.

    Enjoy large annual savings by moving to a cheap car insurance Bakersfield provider. Use our search tool on this page to find one that best suits your needs. Try it today!

    Don’t live in Bakersfield? We understand. But you can still save money while driving in California, even if you live in Fresno, Anaheim, or Santa Ana!

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