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    Legal Requirements for Car Insurance in California

    Most states in the US have made it mandatory for drivers to get automobile insurance and California is one of them. Those who disregard this law could face harsh penalties for their negligence. To avoid trouble, car owners are advised to purchase a plan and ensure that this adequately covers the minimum requirements of the state at the very least. Here’s how to find the best auto insurance rates and coverage in California. The rules vary widely as some states are satisfied with simple liability coverage, resulting in cheaper coverage. Others call for more protection, increasing the premium rates. Among the additional coverage options are:

    • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    It can be a big headache if you collide with a vehicle and its driver turns out to have deficient or even non-existent insurance. This may mean that you will have to shoulder the repairs on your own car partially or in full. This costly situation can be prevented by having UM/UIM coverage on top of the liability coverage. With it, the insurance company can be called upon take care of the problem instead of having to dip into your savings. A few states have made this a mandatory extension but California is content to make it optional for its drivers.

    • No-Fault Auto Insurance and PIP in California

    California is not a no-fault state. This means that in any road accident, there must be a definite determination as to the real precipitator. That is, the blame must lie on an entity which will then be tasked to carry the burden of the damages. Other states accept a no-fault call and so they compel drivers to carry Personal Injury Protection coverage as a precautionary measure. California motorists do not need to include PIP coverage in their insurance plans.

    Hands-Free Laws in California

    The use of mobile devices while driving has always been a sensitive subject. Millions are guilty of using their phones on the road due in part to the need to be instantly connected in the modern world. Local governments have attempted to minimize the ill effects of this behavior through the implementation of hands-free laws. California has instituted the following:


    Ban on using handheld devices: Applicable to every driver, no exceptions
    Ban on young drivers: Applicable to those below 18, for which the rule is absolute
    Ban on bus drivers: Applicable to both transit and school bus drivers
    Ban on texting: Applicable to all drivers. However, older ones (above 18) are allowed to interact with SMS through voice commands
    Enforcement: Mainly for implementing handheld and texting laws; next is to prevent younger drivers from using their mobile devices

    Due to all these different laws, people sometimes find insurance selection to be quite difficult. The rules will heavily influence the amount that has to be paid to guarantee sufficient coverage. While additional expenses are often unavoidable, it is possible to acquire plans that do not overly stress the wallet. Find plenty of low-cost insurance policies through the use of the following quote generator. All you need to do is to type in your details and it will search immediately for suitable deals. It’s fast, easy, and free!

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