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    Buying automobile insurance can be a frustrating experience. But we have already got the information you need at Cheapcaliforniainsurance.net, with the best rates for cheap car insurance in California. Every state has certain minimum insurance requirements, and it helps to know what they are. Since being a safe driver also will save you money, it is good to know the laws and rules. We’ve summarized that information below, and provided a handy quote widget to help you find the best California rates in a flash.

    CA Auto Insurance Laws, Rules and Regulations

    Although the state has higher than average rates, it is possible to find cheap California car insurance if you take a few moments. California is not a no-fault coverage state, meaning accidents are handled by tort law. This makes PIP an important alternate coverage to add to a policy. UM/UIM is also an optional risk coverage. Most CA drivers carry this for financial security. The basic liability that is a requirement and what most drivers carry is shown below:

    Coverage Type State Requirements Most Common
    Bodily Injury Liability 15,000/30,000 30,000/60,000
    Property Damage Liability 5,000 25,000
    Bodily Injury UM Not required 25,000/50,000
    PIP Not required 2,500
    Medical Payments Not required 2,000
    Collision Not required 250 deductible
    Comprehensive Not required 500 deductible

    Of course, California has speed laws that govern traffic flow and keep the highways safer. For the state, these include speed limits as follows:

    Speed Limits

    Rural Interstate 70 mph, trucks 55
    Interstate Urban 65 mph, trucks 55
    Other Limited-Access 70 mph, trucks 55
    Other Roads 65 mph, trucks 55

    More Info Concerning California Auto Insurance

    Safe driving requires that you know the regulations, laws and requirements where you are driving. With safety as a first concern, it can also help you avoid a ticket. You can get all the info at the CA Department of Motor Vehicles for information about driver’s license, ID Cards, and vehicle registration.


    California Department of Insurance


    The official California state Website


    How to Find CA Auto Insurance Discounts

    Insurance companies are focused on assessing risk when they insure a driver. They look to things you control, and some things you can’t. For instance, your driving and safety record are the starting point in and rate calculations. Then, there are a number of easy ways to get discounts, like taking drivers education classes and installing anti-theft devices. The insurance providers also look to the type of car you drive and how many miles a month it is driven.

    While everyone driving legally in California must have the minimum coverage,finding cheap auto insurance in California is a task that with which we can help you. We’ve already sorted through all the laws and rules and the individual insurance company options. With Cheapcaliforniainsurance.net, you only need to fill in a few details at the quote widget below. We’ll quickly provide the very best rates in your ZIP code!

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